The Secret Place

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ellen Goreh’s early life was tumultuous. After her mother died when she was three months old, Ellen was adopted by a man who later lost his property. Then, she became part of the family of Reverend W.T. Storrs. Born on this day in 1853 in Benares, India, she moved with the Storrs family to England, where she lived until 1880 when she returned to India.

Throughout these years, she learned to love spending time alone with her Savior. She expressed these insights in a poem called “In the Secret of His Presence.”

It was there with Jesus that her soul could hide. She wrote, “Oh, how precious are the lessons which I learn at Jesus’ side!” Her earthly cares faded away as she shared with Him all her doubts, griefs, and fears.

She felt refreshed when she was with Jesus, and they held “communion sweet.” But He also taught her many things and revealed sins in her life. She wanted everyone to enter this secret place.

Just “go and hide beneath His shadow,” she urged, knowing that those who did would be changed. After this poem was published, it became a hymn that has been sung throughout the world. Its message still is true today.

Right now, Jesus waits for you in the secret place. Spend time alone with Him. Let Him refresh you. Teach you. Guide you. Take away your burdens. And give you His peace.