The Root

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When the nations of Europe went to war in August 1914, few could have imagined the devastation that would result. By the time the war ended in November 1918, more than 8 million men had died. Eager to deal with issues that seemed important at the time, the victorious Allied forces imposed a punitive settlement on their enemy. The resulting Versailles Peace Agreement forced the Germans to pay sizeable reparations.

But many among the Allies realized that this settlement had not addressed basic issues. Rather than fostering peace, it created the context to fuel anger and revenge. Ferdinand Foch, the Supreme Allied Commander, remarked, “This is not peace: it is an armistice for twenty years.” John Pershing, head of the American forces, commented that “it will have to be done all over again.”

Time would prove that these warnings were true. Instead of dealing with root issues, the Versailles treaty did not really solve anything, and violence exploded anew in the even bloodier World War II.

When Jesus described the ministry of John the Baptist, He used the analogy of an axe that was laid to the root of the tree. Jesus wanted people to recognize just how often they focus on symptoms. On quick fixes. On temporary solutions. But God is different. He is interested in deep things. He solves problems by attacking the root.

Sometimes He might prune or refine us in ways that may seem painful. But He wants to purify us, empower us, and change us in ways that make a lasting difference, so we don’t revisit the same problems over and over again.

Ask Him for the wisdom and discernment that you need to recognize roots in your life, not just dealing with symptoms or what you see on the surface.