The Risks of Faith

The Risks of Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

This is the day traditionally celebrating the moment, in 1492, when Christopher Columbus first “discovered” the New World. In recent decades, evidence has mounted indicating that Vikings (and perhaps others) may have “discovered” America before Columbus. Yet we still marvel at the boldness of his vision, persistence, and faith.

Confident that there was a westward route to the Orient, Columbus sought a sponsor to prove his theory. In the process, he endured years of rejection and much skepticism.

Although he was an Italian, he previously had sailed under the Portuguese flag, but he received no encouragement from the Portuguese who would not sponsor his voyage.

He brought his ideas to Spain but this country was preoccupied by the recent eviction of the Moors and the newly initiated inquisition. Its King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella were sorting out their complex marriage and not sure how to respond. So Isabella appointed a commission under Hernando de Talavera to make a recommendation.

In 1491, they formally rejected Columbus’ ideas, concluding that this mission was “impossible, vain, and worthy of rejection” and that it “rested on such weak foundations and which appeared uncertain and impossible.” How wrong they were! And eventually Columbus would get Spain’s support. His theories were proven true.

It takes faith and persistence to explore the unknown and seek to accomplish great things. It was true with Columbus, and it is true in our spiritual lives. It took faith for Peter to step out of the boat. But he was willing to trust Jesus. As a result, he “walked on the water.”

The Bible urges us to be willing to step out in faith, totally trusting in Him. This may mean being willing to move outside our comfort zone, tackle huge challenges, and believe Him boldly for miracles.