The Right Words

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Most people say that they are bothered by the impact of gossip. In fact, in a recent survey 88 percent of Americans agreed that it was important to reduce gossip. Millions admit that they know others are repeating things about them that are untrue. That others say hurtful things behind their backs.

But it seems that these feelings rarely lead to meaningful change. The facts are startling! 117 million Americans confessed that they listened to or shared gossip about other people at least once a week. Even believers can be guilty, in spite of the Bible’s warning not to “spread slanderous gossip” (Leviticus 19:16). In fact, we are not even to associate with a gossip (Proverbs 20:19).

Yet many Christians fail to heed this advice. Ignoring the warnings from the Bible, many continue to gossip and spread rumors. At their church or office. In their neighborhood and among friends. Think about the destructive influence caused by this gossip! Think about all the hurt feelings. The mistrust. The wounds. The divisions.

There are many reasons why believers should not gossip. The Bible teaches us that if we guard our mouth, we actually are preserving our life. But we also must remember that words can lead to ruin.

Jesus taught that we need to be serious about our words. To remember their impact, both in our daily lives and in eternity. He warned that on the day of judgment, we will give account for every word we speak: “By your words you will be acquitted, and … condemned” (Matthew 12:36-37 NIV).

Today, ask God to help you guard your mouth. Remember: For good or evil, you will experience the fruit from your words. And you will Reap what you Sow.