The Right Place

The Right Place

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Picture John on the island of Patmos. Old. Alone. Filled with memories. Looking back, he could reflect on times when he was close to Jesus. He had performed miracles and spoken to multitudes. He had been central to the development of the early church.

How isolated he might have felt on Patmos, a small island that served as a place of banishment. He must have seemed far from the action. How had he ended up in a place that seemed so insignificant?

From the perspective of the world, John might have seemed forgotten. Yet he was in the exact place where God wanted him. Perhaps it is most important to remember that it was on Patmos where he was in a position to receive the visions and revelations that were recorded in the book of Revelation.

As we think about John, we turn to thoughts about our own lives. How do we evaluate our accomplishments? How do we know if we have been failures or successes? In the world, men like John might be considered failures. But in God’s kingdom, he was a great success, for he was faithful and accomplished His purposes. And he was just where God wanted him to be.

Today, make sure you have surrendered your life to God, that you are in the exact place He wants you to be, and that you are faithful, focusing on His goals for your life.