The Right Path

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Voted as America’s favorite poem, “The Road Not Taken,” was written by Robert Frost in 1915. Yet many do not realize that its message often has been misinterpreted.

Frost sent a draft of this poem to critic Edward Thomas, more as a gentle joke. The inspiration? How frequently Thomas regretted the path he had taken during walks in the countryside. Instead of seeing the humor, Thomas responded with admiration, and called the poem “staggering.” Later, Frost tried to correct him about his intent but Thomas was not moved, and the poem’s unintended meaning gained momentum.

The imagery remains meaningful to many. Frost described the process of choosing between two roads. After looking down both, he found the second more appealing. Even though vowing to go down the other path “another day,” he sensed he would never “come back” or know where that road would lead.

Regardless of Frost’s original intentions, his poem achieved such impact because it addressed the challenge of making the right decisions. And it provides encouragement to take not the way that seems easiest or most popular, but “the road not taken,” even if it presents difficulties.

In a similar way, Jesus encouraged us to think about how we make decisions. We can do what seems popular and go along with the crowd. This may seem attractive, but can lead away from God’s desires or best for us. Instead, we need to follow His leading, even if the way may be difficult and the gate may be narrow.

Remember, it really doesn’t matter what other people think. The key is being certain that God is pleased.