The Rewards for a Faithful Servant

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Baruch was weary. He’d been a faithful servant, assisting Jeremiah and delivering his messages. We know that Jeremiah became weary with the burdens he carried. But Baruch, too, became burdened. He felt that God had “added sorrow to my pain.” He had groaned, but “found no rest.” He wanted a change—to be rewarded for his faithfulness.

God responded in two ways. First, He gave Baruch insight into His plans. He was doing a work of global significance. Instead of just thinking about himself, God wanted Baruch to look at the situation from His perspective.

Second, God urged Baruch to continue to stay faithful. He asked, “Are you seeking great things for yourself?” The sense is that Baruch wanted to be rewarded and recognized, to receive glory. But God urged him not to seek “great things” for himself. Instead, God indicated that He was watching Baruch, and He would watch over him and reward him for his faithfulness.

God’s message to Baruch applies to men and women of God in every generation—to anyone who feels weary and wants change, or who craves rewards or recognition.

The message is simple: We need to stay focused on serving Him in whatever tasks we’ve been called to do. Remember that we are part of God’s great plan. We simply should seek His Kingdom and seek to stay faithful, fulfilling His call. Be confident that He is watching over you. He will reward and protect you.