The Reluctant Prophet

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Even though Jeremiah was young, he had the spiritual maturity to realize that God was speaking to him. But, when God spoke, Jeremiah did not immediately embrace His message, or even understand his assignment.

Jeremiah responded with “Alas!” The Hebrew word here, a spontaneous reaction, suggests pain. Even a lament! He clearly was troubled about what he heard. He argued with God, and even implied he might not cooperate. He felt unqualified, and wondered if God had made a mistake.

Why? Because of his youth, and limited experience. And because he did “not know how to speak.”

On the surface, we might think God would have been disappointed by this response. But, in fact, Jeremiah was demonstrating characteristics that He wanted in a prophet.

God was not bothered by his reluctance: As became clear through Jeremiah’s ministry, God wasn’t looking for a man with experience or worldly credentials. He wanted someone willing to serve Him faithfully. Who would focus on the assignments he was given and deliver the messages God gave him, regardless of how others reacted. Who was not afraid or intimidated by rejection, but always trusted in Him. Who was committed to listen and obey Him.

Do you want to be used by God? Learn from Jeremiah. Seek first His Kingdom in everything you do. Be less concerned with the opinions of others, but focused on obeying Him and fulfilling His call. Fill your mind with His Word. Be sensitive to the leading of His Spirit. Be a good steward of your resources. Trust in Him. Serve Him. Always seek to please Him.