The Real You

The Real You

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible reminds us that we cannot hide anything from God. Yet all of us can be tempted to try to be secretive, rationalize our thoughts, words, and actions, and refuse to deal with the real conditions of our minds and hearts.

But God wants us to be free from illusions and corrupting habits. He wants us to have truth in our innermost being – not the surface others see, but who we really are. That means being truthful and honest with Him and ourselves. Be honest about our most intimate thoughts, feelings, and actions, whether or not they are known by others. Realize that He already knows every thought and word.

God knows more about us than we do. He knows what happened in our past that we do not want to remember or deal with – actions we may have tried to cover up or ignore. Yet these things still impact our lives. And we need His help to be free.

Be still before God. Let Him search your heart and mind. Seek to be honest and truthful with Him and yourself. You cannot keep anything secret from Him.

Put aside preconceived ideas. Don’t try to justify or rationalize anything – any thought or feeling, today or in the past. Take off any masks you might be wearing with other people. Let Him examine your innermost being. Trust Him to cleanse you and give you new depths of freedom and wisdom.