The Potter’s Right

The Potter’s Right

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

It is hard to surrender our lives to God.

In our culture, so much emphasis is placed on personal freedoms, demanding our rights, and being responsible for our destinies. The idea of surrendering our will can seem old-fashioned, even dangerous.

But everything should change when we realize that God is our personal potter. He approaches us like a potter would approach clay, relentlessly shaping us until He is pleased, until we have satisfied His design.

God created us and has a plan for our lives. He is our Creator and knows best what gives us fulfillment and purpose and how we can be most content and satisfied.

Some people feel threatened by this loss of freedom. But the Bible urges us to realize that surrendering our lives to Him is the key to our fulfillment.

When we resist Him, we are denying Him the opportunity to mold us into the vessel for which we were created. If we trust Him, we can be freed from fear and anxiety, worry and doubt. And we can be ready to receive more of His blessings.

Today, God offers you a choice. You can resist Him and try to control your own life. Or you can realize that He is your potter who knows best how to shape you. Don’t fight against Him. Submit to Him. Let Him mold you to fulfill His perfect design for you.