The Play of Daniel

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In his life, Daniel experienced a series of scenes that were breathtaking in drama. Life-threatening crossroads that demanded courage and faith. Experiences so memorable that they have inspired countless painters and poets. Playwrights and composers.

Today we still can re-live what some 12th century Christians thought through their “Play of Daniel.” Conceived by the people of Beauvais Cathedral, this is based on key moments in Daniel’s life.

The play begins with the lavish feast hosted by Babylon’s King Belshazzar. It takes us through the moment when a mysterious hand appears and writes a message on the wall.

In words and music, this play helps us experience the moment Daniel appeared, dressed, so they thought, in ragged clothing. No one is impressed with his appearance but all are amazed as he interprets the message.

Within moments, Daniel’s interpretation was proven correct as the Persian army arrived, gaining control over the country. While there was a total change in national leadership, Daniel continued to receive favor, and was respected for his integrity and wisdom.

But even under Persian leadership, Daniel’s service sparked jealousy. Other advisors deceived King Darius into demanding that the king alone was to be worshiped. When Daniel refused to compromise his faith, he was thrown into a den of lions. But God supernaturally protected him, and his accusers were thrown into the pit.

For many people, the Bible is filled with powerful stories like these. But they take on extra significance for the believer when we realize that they are true and teach us Biblical insights. For Daniel’s life continually reminds us that God can solve any mystery and reveal any secret. That He stands ready to bless and deliver His faithful servants.