The Plans of the Nations

The Plans of the Nations

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Europe had been devastated by the military campaigns of the French army, under their dynamic leader, Napoleon Bonaparte. Finally, in 1814, after years of conflicts, his forces had been defeated. Europe’s rulers agreed to meet together, to put aside their differences, and seek solutions.

The four major European powers began meeting in Vienna, Austria, in September 1814. Eventually, France was admitted to participate with this select group. The resulting “Congress of Vienna” became one of history’s most effective international gatherings. The nations redrew the political map of Europe, and created a new, balance of power approach designed to prevent the rise of men like Napoleon.

The Congress concluded with a treaty signed on this day in 1815, ironically just a few days before Napoleon briefly returned to power in France. But the nations worked together to stop this renewed conflict.

The system created by this Congress helped resolve most crises peacefully for nearly 100 years, essentially until 1914, when the outbreak of World War I shattered the peace. Their “perfect” solution eventually had failed.

From a human perspective, the conclusions of the Congress seemed effective. Yet, in the end they were imperfect and flawed. Like all the works of men.

The Bible encourages us to realize that God has a different perspective on world events. Nations may plan their strategies. Diplomats may negotiate their treaties. But God knows that all human effort is imperfect. But His plans always succeed. He rules in Heaven and earth.

In your life, make sure that you trust in Him.