The Matchless Worth

The Matchless Worth

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Samuel Medley’s wounds were so severe that the surgeon said that amputation was the only hope. He had been wounded during the sea battle off Port Lagos in 1759. Born in Cheshunt, England on this day in 1738, he was not a believer. Nonetheless, he prayed diligently. When the surgeon examined him again, he said a miracle had taken place. The surgery proved unnecessary.

As he recuperated, Medley continued in his sinful ways until he heard a sermon by Isaac Watts based on Isaiah 42. Medley was convicted of his sins and committed his life to Christ.

He later entered the ministry. One of his churches in particular, in Liverpool, was noted for powerful worship. Medley himself wrote more than 200 hymns. One of the most memorable, “O Could I Speak the Matchless Worth,” told of his gratitude for what God had done for him.

How, he wrote, could he “speak the matchless worth” and “sound the glories forth which in my Savior shine”? All he could do was “sing His glorious righteousness and magnify the wondrous grace which made salvation mine.”

He wrote about the “precious blood He spilt” and His love and example. And how much he longed to be in Jesus’ presence where “I would to everlasting days make all His glories known.”

In your life, sing praises to God! Tell of His matchless worth! He is worthy!