The Little Children

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

As a journalist, Robert Raikes had many opportunities to see conditions in the world. His father was a printer who founded England’s Gloucester Journal. When his father died in 1757, Raikes became editor. But more than just a journalist, Raikes also was a strong Believer.

One day he noticed a group of ragged-looking children playing in the street. They worked long hours, six days a week, in the pin-making industry. Sunday was the only day in which they were free from work. They filled the streets on that day, acting wildly, openly swearing, and causing disruptions.

Concerned about these young lives, Raikes, who was born in England on this day in 1736, decided to use his influence to start “Sunday schools.” They began spreading with astonishing rapidity.

John Wesley remarked, “I find these schools springing up wherever I go.” Raikes became known as the founder of the Sunday school movement.

Today, our world needs people who are committed to teaching God’s truths. More than ever, people of all ages are fed a constant stream of ungodliness through the media, polluting their minds with things that are contrary to God’s Word.

Ask God to help you use your resources to impact lives.