The Journey of Faith

The Journey of Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born in London in April 1770, David Thompson was one of the most important explorers in the history of North America. He has been called the greatest land geographer who ever lived, yet he received little credit during his lifetime. Only after his death did the world realize the extent of his accomplishments. Thompson’s life of adventure began when he was just 14, after being sent to western Canada to work in the fur-trading business. Three years later, driven by curiosity, he left on a personal journey. Walking throughout the prairies, he encountered many types of peoples and explored uncharted places.

Along the way, Thompson learned astronomy and mathematics, and spent so much time examining the heavens that he lost sight in one eye. After suffering a broken leg, he limped the rest of his life. He could have given up, but he continued to explore, even mapping much of Canada and the US. Overall, Thompson traveled more than 100,000 miles in his life, a remarkable achievement for his day.

The Bible describes the impact of pioneers like this who accomplished great things in the spiritual realm. Abraham and many other Biblical heroes dared to venture into the unknown. Despite the risks and uncertainties, they were willing to leave the comfort and safety of home to follow God’s leading, trusting Him completely.

These are people who lived by faith. As a result, they experienced new possibilities and new dimensions of God’s blessings. They also pointed the way for others, making a difference for time and eternity.