The Inner Truth

The Inner Truth

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

David was overwhelmed by enemies who targeted him unfairly. He knew he was innocent and falsely accused. Yet, examining his own life, he realized he had made mistakes. Others might criticize and attack him, but in his heart, he knew that he genuinely was trying to make corrections and to do the right thing. Facing these kinds of accusations and attacks, David had no choice but to turn to God and to trust Him.

Written out of a situation like this, Psalm 69 reminds us how private our relationship with God is. Others see our exterior and judge us based on their subjective observations. But God knows the truth, even our secret faults. God knows all our thoughts, feelings, and motives.

Others might interpret our actions in their own way. They might judge and criticize us. Even if we truly are sorry and seeking to change, people can judge us. Regardless of our real motives, we can be wounded by their words.

These are moments to remember that we can trust God. He sees our heart. Our real motivations. If we have made mistakes, He can forgive us, cleanse us, and point us in the right direction. He wants to teach us.

Ask God to help you to be clean in His sight. If others have wounded you, commit their words and actions to Him. Trust Him to defend and protect you, to make things right.