The Impact of Revival

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

A spirit of revival had swept Wales. On this day in 1904, people had packed the church in the Welsh city of Treorky. They had come hungry for God. They also were eager to hear the preaching of Evan Roberts, whose ministry had been central to this revival. Then a series of extraordinary events took place.

A reporter who attended this meeting described how “hymns were started quite spontaneously, very often by young people, and were sung with fervor and in excellent time. The prayers were earnest, and in many instances marked by simple, but burning eloquence.” There were “public confessions” and many people, including very many children, “gave brief testimonies or quotations of Scripture.”

As Roberts spoke, he described his sense that “feuds and personal animosities” existed in the church, and that they needed to put aside any quarreling and bickering, and allow God to give them love for each other.

As a result of this message, remarkable changes took place in the city. The newspaper reported “improved conduct in the mines.” The workers became “better workmen.” Alcohol abuse was reduced. Instead, people in the mines talked “about religious matters” and prayed together. The prayer meetings, services, and hunger for God had born amazing fruit—changed lives.

What had happened? Wales experienced the power of the Spirit of God. That same Spirit is ready to change your life, your family, your community, and your nation. Submit your life to God, and allow His Spirit to work through you. Let Him renew your mind and change your priorities and attitudes. Let Him make you a vessel for His blessing and power. Your life will never be the same!