The Home

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The home was central to the early Church. Believers met and prayed in homes and heard the Gospel taught there. But the home was unusually important for Romans as well.

Historian Philip Freeman described how “like so much else in Roman life, religion was centered on the household…Every Roman home held a small cupboard with their sacred images, and they were honored with a small portion of the family meal.”

In their own way, the Romans were very religious. Their state religion “grew out of household worship.” Their temples “functioned essentially as large household shrines.”

When we read Paul’s letter to the Romans, we should remember his deep understanding of Roman culture and his sensitivity to the role of families, as well as his recognition of God’s desire to reshape the homes of Believers.

In the closing chapter of this letter, Paul greeted Prisca and Aquila and “the church that is in their house.” He also greeted those who were in the “household” of Aristobulus and Narcissus (vs. 10-11). We can be sure that these people knew the typical Roman attitude toward homes and household images. But instead, they had made Jesus the center of their homes.

The Bible makes clear that the home is central to God’s plan for His creation. Likewise, strong family relationships are foundational for the health of the Body of Christ. And the strongest foundation of all is to make Jesus “the cornerstone” of the church, our lives, and our families (Ephesians 2:20).

Make Christ the cornerstone of your home, and honor Him in all you do and say. Make your home a place where He is honored and worshipped, where others can sense His presence and grow in their faith.