The Heart

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ulysses S. Grant had just arrived at Young’s Point, on the Louisiana side of the Mississippi River (near Vicksburg). It was on this day in 1863 that he came to command the Union army in a critical battleground.

As they studied their new commander, many of his soldiers were not impressed. One even expressed the view that this couldn’t possibly be their commander, because it didn’t look as if he “has the ability to command a regiment, much less an army.”

In the weeks to come, other soldiers would voice a similar conclusion. One general, in fact, informed his brother, a Congressman in Washington, that the entire campaign was “being badly managed” and that “all Grant’s schemes have failed.” He feared “a calamity” in the days to come.

Little did these soldiers realize that, in future generations, Grant’s strategies would be hailed by students of military history as one of the greatest battle plans of all time. While other men may have been more dashing or polished, Grant would lead the army to victory.

Many people make judgments based on appearances, just like those soldiers in Grant’s camp. The prophet Samuel had the same attitude as he was looking for God’s choice for the next king of Israel. He saw Jesse’s son, Eliab, and felt that he looked like a king. In contrast, David seemed young and unqualified. But God told him that He was looking at the heart, not appearances.

Today, God still looks at our hearts. He’s seeking those who will obey Him in spirit and truth. He promotes those who are not governed by superficial things but seek to obey Him.

In your life, make sure to have a heart that is pleasing to God. Instead of judging by appearances, be sensitive to His Spirit and guided by His wisdom.