The Guidance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the early decades of worldwide exploration, many realized that those who controlled maps controlled the world. Maps were not just sources of information; they revealed the location of important places. They settled political disputes, and even determined how control was exercised.

This issue became particularly sensitive in the early sixteenth century when rivalry for commercial control intensified among the nations. Portugal, in particular, depended on trade. As scholar Jerry Brotton has described, its wealth and power resulted from “control of commercial networks far from their homeland.” This was “a new kind of empire built on water.”

After Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world in 1520-1521 (a journey finished by his crew), Spain increasingly threatened Portuguese control. Maps were re-drawn. And nations began gaining insights into Portugal’s trade secrets.

But the circulation of Portuguese maps remained tightly controlled by its government. In fact, distribution was forbidden on pain of death. Why? Because their maps “offered invaluable information on the Portuguese sea route to India.” And much more.

Today, maps do not have the same importance. But nations still crave information. And power still is derived from what is known, and tools that help us make right decisions.

Believers are reminded that God knows everything about our lives. And He knows the future. He promises to grant us wisdom, if we seek Him. As we fill our minds with His Word, we gain insights and understanding. As we pray, He reveals more of His plans to us, and gives us peace.

In your life, remember that God is ready to grant you “common sense.” To be your shield. To guard your path. To help you know the right way to go. Ask Him for wisdom. And fill your heart and mind with His Word. Put it into practice in your life.