The Full Reward

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible is clear: We are saved by grace through faith, as a gift of God, not because of anything we do (Ephesians 2:8). However, let’s not forget that the Bible also identifies rewards that are given to Believers.

Jesus describes how each of us will be rewarded for the things we’ve done, and this is particularly evident in His teaching on the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). John expands on this teaching, using words related to wages paid when a job is performed.

John urges us to realize that we actually can lose our “full reward.” The Greek words tell us that John was referring to something that is complete and full (not empty). He was telling us that there are different levels of rewards, just like different rewards for different jobs.

Furthermore, we actually have a choice regarding how much of the intended reward we will receive. Will we receive the full reward? Or just some? Or will we lose the reward entirely? John suggests that all of these are possibilities.

What do we need to do if we want to receive our “full reward”? As Jesus taught, we need to be good stewards of our “talents” and all the resources we’ve been given. We must be willing to step out in faith and seek first the Kingdom of God. We need to faithfully Sow Seeds, believing that God will multiply them and give us an abundant Harvest.

John also teaches that our rewards are related to how we live: We must be sure to avoid deception, fulfill our place in the Body of Christ, follow Jesus, and obey God’s Word.

Today, think about your life. Seek to be faithful with the resources you’ve been given. Live in such a way that you might receive your full reward!