The Favor of Our Shepherd

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Very little is known about Dorothy Thrupp. We know she was born in Paddington, Middlesex, England, in June 1779. We know she wrote and edited many poems and hymns, but she rarely used her own name. Preferring pseudonyms, she let her words speak for themselves. Demonstrating this concern, when she edited Hymns for the Young, all the music was given anonymously.

From the testimony of her hymns, we know that Dorothy realized how much she needed Jesus. That personal relationship with Him was the focal point of her life.

In 1836, she wrote words to a hymn that expressed the blessing of having Jesus as her Savior and her Shepherd. Called “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us,” this hymn revels in the comfort of knowing the “tender care” Jesus provides. It describes how He has prepared blessings for us and will feed us in His “pleasant pastures.”

Dorothy knew that, through Jesus, we can experience favor. Even though we are “poor and sinful,” we can turn to Him, and He has “promised to receive us.” Because of His mercy, he will “relieve us.” Through His grace we can be cleansed and free.

She wrote that Jesus is “the guardian of our way.” He will keep and defend us, and He will “seek us when we go astray.”

Dorothy saw how wonderful it is to know that Jesus has bought us, and that we belong to Him. He loves us, and we know He hears us when we pray. “Blessèd Jesus,” Dorothy prayed in this hymn, “Thou hast loved us, love us still.”

Today, remember that Jesus is your Shepherd. He is watching over you. He’s there to protect and bless you, and He will grant you His favor.