The Eyes of a Servant

The Eyes of a Servant

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

This psalm was written by a man who understood the importance of having a right relationship with God. He knew that we all need to know God personally and depend on Him. We need to remember that He is God Almighty, our Creator, the One who reigns over the universe.

The psalmist also understood the importance of waiting on God. To help us understand this attitude, he pictured the way good servants wait upon and desire to please their masters. They trust them to do the right thing at the right time.

This, he knew, provided a perfect picture of the attitude we are to have toward God. He wants us to depend on Him, confident He will care for us and guide us. We should be so committed to serving Him that we will be always ready to respond, always listening.

If we depend on our human understanding, we can find ourselves rushing to do what makes sense to us. But the Bible reminds us of our limits and God’s sovereignty and omnipotence. We need to wait on Him in every situation. Even if we face challenges, we must trust Him completely, confident that His timing is perfect.

Commit every situation to God. Be sensitive to His leading. Look to Him and depend on Him. Seek to serve Him with the attitude of a servant. Trust in Him. Remember, He is faithful. And He loves you.