The Emotions of Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It can be easy to think of Paul as a scholar. A spiritual and intellectual giant. Yet in his last visit with leaders of the Ephesus church, Paul revealed an emotional side of his nature.

He spoke about serving the Lord “with all humility and with tears” through times of testing. While obeying God, he felt the pain and struggle of each test. Then, he showed how much he cared for the Ephesians by admonishing them “with tears” and telling them about trials they would face. These were the words of a man of passion and emotion, who cared about these people as they knelt together, prayed, and wept aloud.

We must avoid the tendency to allow our emotions to control our lives, but the Bible encourages us to understand that there is a place for emotion. There are times when we need to express our struggles and frustrations, our concerns and feelings, and to be emotional about our faith. Even for strong men like Paul.

We, too, might feel the need for emotional release when we are stretched beyond our limits, when we struggle, or feel severely tested. When we see great needs and feel compassion for others. When we experience an inexpressible elation in the Spirit.

Remember that God has given you emotions for a reason. Seek to be controlled by the Spirit, but, as He leads, do not hold back your emotions. Tell Him how you really feel. Allow Him to stir your heart with concern for others. And care about your own faith, and fate of the world.