The Desert

The Desert

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

What is it like to live in a desert? It is a place without comforts and conveniences. A place of intense pressure, and even danger. A place of temptation, for both mind and emotions, a place where we can be deceived by illusions. A place of desolation, where we are forced to face everything about ourselves afresh. Our character is stretched to the limit.

It’s no accident that many great leaders spent concentrated time in the desert. Just think of Moses, David, and Elijah. Think of John the Baptist and, of course, Jesus Himself. The desert was a place where they could concentrate on God.

While in the desert, these men were alone with God and freed from the worries, pressures and burdens of everyday life. There He could teach them, shape them, and prepare them for future service.

John the Baptist was ready on the day of his public appearance to Israel (v. 80). Why? He had spent time in the desert alone with God. He had been honed and purified, trained and prepared.

Each of us needs this kind of desert experience at some point and this season of being alone with God. During this time, we too can be stretched and purified, tested and prepared.

Today, get away from your normal schedule to be alone with God. Give Him access to every part of your life. Seek Him. Listen to Him. Let Him change you.