Dense Cloud

The Dense Cloud

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a key moment in the history of the Israelites. God had been speaking primarily with Moses. But, as they stood in the base of Mount Sinai, all the people heard from Him.

But God wanted them to be prepared and understand that He would come to them in a cloud. Specifically, a cloud that was dense and thick.

God often works in this way, speaking to us in these dense clouds in mysterious and surprising ways. Our minds can find Him hard to understand sometimes.

In these situations, we are forced to seek Him, to concentrate on Him, to listen intensely, to separate ourselves from normal daily patterns, and to be free from distractions.

As we concentrate on Him, we become more available to hear from Him. We can receive His special insights. In these moments, He draws back the veil, revealing the meaning of His mysteries to show us things that will take place in the future.

These times can change our lives in important ways. We can break free of second-hand rumors and become more spiritually sensitive – more in tune with God and His Word. We can see the world and our challenges with greater clarity. We can gain more of His perspective, becoming more confident in our relationship with Him.

Spend quality time alone with God. Listen to His voice. Concentrate on His Word. Ask Him to speak to you and reveal His mysteries and secrets.