The Blessings of Wisdom

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Watching. Seeking. Listening. These active words characterize people who aren’t content with the ordinary or “good enough.” Instead, they have a serious desire to receive God’s best. Instead of just knowing about God’s blessings, they want to receive them in their lives, and receive them abundantly.

They know that the world is full of options. There are many paths and choices. But these people know that God offers a different level of blessings. He alone is able to provide rewards that cannot be imitated. And these blessings are the direct reward of seeking and obtaining His wisdom.

God’s wisdom is different from what the world considers “wise.” The Bible promises that there is a lifestyle that leads to blessing—a lifestyle founded on God’s wisdom.

Although this wisdom is available to everyone, it requires initiative rather than passivity. We must actively seek this wisdom. Yet, although this may require persistent effort, great rewards await those who pursue God’s wisdom.

Today, remember that the Lord’s blessings are available to you! If you have any doubts, just read His Word. And remember all of His promises are true, right now, for you! The Bible pictures wisdom as waiting for you—ready to open up a lifestyle of incredible blessings.

But don’t forget: You need to listen for wisdom and seek it. If you do, God promises stability and blessing. You will find an abundant life, full of His supernatural favor.

Make a commitment to know His Word. This is not just good advice but a vital key to receiving His blessings.

Then put His Word into practice. Stay close to Him. Be eager for greater intimacy with Him. A wonderful life awaits you as you seek His wisdom and trust Him to open the door to greater blessings for you.