The Benefits of Change

The Benefits of Change

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul and Barnabas had a partnership that helped spread the Gospel and led to the growth of the church. Many were surprised when a disagreement arose that caused them to be “separated from one another.” As we examine the results of this separation, we can see that it actually accomplished many positive results.

First, this separation increased the number of people who were involved in spreading the Gospel. By splitting into two groups, they were able to go in different directions, visit separate believers, and accomplish more for the Kingdom.

Second, Paul’s ministry seemed to enter a new phase after being paired with Silas when they embarked on a journey that led to Europe. Silas may have been the partner Paul needed for this new outreach.

Third, this separation may have helped Paul and others renew their focus on God and not follow previous patterns. They were learning more about being led by the Spirit.

We don’t know many details about Barnabas’ life after this split. But we know much about John Mark. This man, who was so seemingly insignificant at the time, came to write one of the most important books in history, the Gospel of Mark.

Remember how easy it can be to be stuck in ruts and habits in your own life. God may allow change in order to accomplish His purposes for you. Stay sensitive to His Spirit; always be ready to follow His leading.