That Sinking Feeling

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David was in trouble. And the problems kept increasing to the point that he felt he was sinking among rising waters and drowning in floods. He tried to take the right path to escape these troubles but couldn’t find a foothold or a way of escape.

He was so emotionally drained that he became weary with crying. He tried to find answers, but said “my eyes fail while I wait for my God.” In spite of his efforts, other people hated him “without a cause.” Although he tried to do the right thing, David felt misunderstood, mocked, and belittled, and had become the subject of gossip.

Although discouraged, David still realized he needed to seek God. Although overwhelmed by troubles, he asked Him to search his heart and mind. And he continued to seek God. He was so focused that he could say “zeal” for God’s house had “consumed” him.

Has anything like this ever happened in your life? Have you ever gone through situations where you felt you were sinking or faced circumstances that seemed hopeless or impossible? Have you ever felt tired or worn out, or encountered accusations that seemed unfair?

Today, learn from David. If you face any situation like this, continue to seek God and cry out to Him for help. Seek Him, no matter what people say or what is happening in the world. No matter how deep the water or how hopeless the situation may seem, God is ready to help you. Keep seeking Him, worshiping Him, and serving Him.