Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The comparison is with metals, and the Bible reminds us that even the finest gold and silver need to be refined. Their true value only emerges after they have gone through fire and are purged of impurities. Without this refining, they never fulfill their potential. They never will be as valuable as they could be.

In the same way, it is guaranteed that the Lord will test us. The Hebrew word for “tests” suggests that He conducts an investigation into our lives.

How will He test us? He will test us to learn our true character, our thought process, and how we make decisions. He will test us to identify weaknesses and problem areas that need to be addressed. He will test us to identify habits and priorities. He will test us to learn how much we really know about His Word, and the true state of our spiritual lives.

And He will test us to learn how we react to problems. To see where we turn for help. To evaluate how much we have learned, and what more He needs to teach us.

Sometimes it may be obvious that we are being tested, but there may be times when we are tested without realizing it. It is possible that this testing may bring us through situations that surprise and frustrate us. We may feel as though He doesn’t trust us. We may sense that we are being punished or that He has forgotten about us. But these simply are part of the testing process.

In your life, don’t be surprised if you are tested. God wants the best for you. For you to be refined and purified of flaws. To be strong and beautiful.