Tested, Ready for War

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As the Israelites approached the Promised Land, God knew that many of them were not ready for the challenges that were ahead. Many simply were not prepared. There was another problem. Some had failed to follow God and were guilty of compromise, disbelief, and even sin.

As they faced an uncertain future, God wanted them to know that He would never abandon them, but would not automatically drive out the nations in the land. First, He wanted to test them and know if they would keep His ways. But He also wanted to make sure that they were trained, disciplined, and ready for war.

God may go through a similar process with us. As He did with these Israelites, He may want to test and discipline us so we are ready for the challenges we will face. He may want to toughen us spiritually, and put us in situations in which we must exercise faith and deal with opposition.

Today, remember that God is with you. If you are experiencing problems, this does not mean that He has abandoned you. Call on Him. Allow Him to search your mind and heart, and free you from sin, unbelief, or compromise. And be ready to exercise faith in the situations that you face.

Remember that you are in a spiritual war. Make sure that you are prepared to face every kind of situation. That you are ready for battle. That you know God’s Word and are being guided by His principles. That you are alert and on guard.

Remember that your adversary, the devil, wants to defeat you, but God is with you. Fight with faith, always believing God for victory.