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For centuries, the “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel remained largely forgotten. Just an obscure composition from the past. Then, in the mid-Twentieth Century, the Canon seemed to be everywhere. It was included in television and film soundtracks, and featured in weddings and background music heard in shops and restaurants. Even people with little background in music seemed to recognize the tune.

What gave this Canon new life? In complex times, filled with tension, the Canon provided a soothing escape and filled listeners with otherworldly tranquility. This short piece could be played in just a few minutes, but its simple melody lingered pleasantly in the mind.

While the music became famous, the composer remained largely unknown. In contrast, he had been famous during his life. Born in Germany in 1653, Pachelbel was a skilled organist, and many of his compositions were played and sung in churches throughout Europe. His approach was considered innovative in his time, but his popularity waned as styles evolved and new musicians gained the spotlight.

Pachelbel may have been largely forgotten but his influence was felt long into the future. How? As a teacher, specifically for the family of Johann Sebastian Bach. In fact, Pachelbel was a primary teacher of Bach’s son, Johann Christophe, who became one of the most influential composers of that era.

The Bible reminds us that there are many ways we can impact others. One of the most important ministries is when we can teach them, as we have the opportunity to help shape their lives and develop their gifts.

Today, think about the opportunities God gives you. Seek to be a faithful steward, investing the resources He has given you in the lives of others. As He opens the door, seek ways to tell them what God has shown you.