Taking God for Granted

Taking God for Granted

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Throughout their history, God’s people often had been successful in battle. They had been victorious when they had the advantage, and when outnumbered. Even when defeat seemed inevitable.

At times, they realized that they owed these victories to God. This was clear when He gave them victory over Jericho, with its seemingly impregnable walls. Yet, after that victory, they became overconfident and were defeated by the inferior forces of Ai. Why?

Because they had forgotten about God. Depending on their own strength, they took Him for granted. And they had been disobedient, as a man “acted unfaithfully” and took things God instructed them to leave alone. As a result, He allowed them to experience defeat (Joshua 6-7).

This pattern was repeated often throughout their history. Whether or not they realized it, God was responsible for every victory. Yet how often they forgot about Him, took Him for granted, and depended on themselves.

His message? If they trusted in Him, obeyed Him, and looked to Him, He was ready to help them and grant them success. But, as they experienced during the time of Lamentations, if He simply withheld His blessings, they would experience defeat.

When they faced conflicts, He was not with them. They could not call on His supernatural power or timeless wisdom. Instead, they were on their own, “cut off” from His strength.

Today, remember God’s promises to You. Remember the many ways He has blessed you. How He has protected and guided you! The Bible reminds you that you can trust in Him. But also warns why you never can take Him for granted. Stand on the truths of His Word. Commit every situation to Him and seek His wisdom for every decision. Then, obey Him. And trust Him.