Surrounded by Mystery

Surrounded by Mystery

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The psalmist realized that God rules Heaven and earth. While this was a cause for rejoicing, he was aware that he didn’t always understand God’s ways because “clouds and thick darkness surround Him.” His actions often were shrouded in mystery.

How can we know His ways when there is so much mystery?

We start with a dedication to know His Word and deepen our personal relationship with Him. The more intimately we know Him, the more we realize His commitment to righteousness and doing what is right. As the psalmist declared, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne … The heavens declare His righteousness” (v. 2, 6).

We see God’s purity through the fire, which “goes before Him” (v. 3) We get a glimpse of His power through lightning, earthquakes, and other displays of nature. Even “the mountains melted like wax” at His presence (v. 5).

We can rejoice because we know these truths. We can trust Him, knowing that He watches over us. We can be confident that He guides us, for “light is sown like seed for the righteous.” We can know that He provides “gladness for the upright in heart” (v. 11).

Are there things about God you don’t understand? Fill your mind with His Word. Develop a more intimate relationship with Him. Like the psalmist, worship Him. Dedicate yourself to purity, doing what is right, and hating evil. And seek to bring praise to His name.