Submitting Your Ways to God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ferdinand de Lesseps seemed perfectly qualified and the ideal person to direct the building of the Panama Canal. It did not seem to matter that he was 74 years old. His qualifications? He had been responsible for successfully completing the Suez Canal.

But de Lesseps, who was born on this day in 1805, made the mistake of approaching this new project the same way he approached the Suez Canal. He failed to recognize that the Panama project was very different, and that new approaches were needed.

Historian David McCullough commented, “His despotic temper and stubbornness made him fail to appreciate the difficulties of the task.” As a result, the project became mired in problems. His company lost millions of dollars and was forced to liquidate in 1889.

A scandal soon broke out that rocked the French government, and in 1893 de Lesseps and his son were sentenced to prison. It was an unprecedented disaster for France. Only after the project was taken over by the United States was the canal built.

McCullough concluded, “The root sources of his downfall [was his] insistence on a sea-level passage through country he knew nothing about.” He refused to listen to others and disregarded “all data that either conflicted with or that appeared to vitiate his own cherished vision.”

Many people (including many Believers) remain stubbornly committed to habits, customs, and personal biases. Many will not seek God or submit their lives to Him, and they are not open to allowing Him to change their ways.

Today, ask God to examine your heart. Don’t stubbornly cling to your own ways. Listen to the Lord. He promises happiness if you follow Him. Allow Him to guide you, overrule your plans if necessary, and give you His wisdom and direction.