Submitted to God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God had given His Word and sent His messengers. But His people refused to listen. Why? Because they didn’t like the messages they heard. They had their own ideas, and even bribed messengers to “prophesy good things.”

It didn’t matter that they were rejecting the words of Almighty God. They were more interested in their own opinions and desires, even if this meant believing false prophets who told them “nothing but lies” (New Century Version), provided they delivered messages they wanted to hear.

Today, many people have this same attitude. They are blinded by preconceived ideas, rejecting anything that might challenge their lifestyle. They think nothing of ignoring God or defying His Word. The only thing that matters is doing what they want. Believing what they want.

But some genuinely seek to please and honor God. They are eager to develop a personal relationship with Him. They love Him and are eager to hear from Him. They seek first His Kingdom.

What is your attitude? Ask God to search your heart and mind. Humble yourself before Him and seek the leading of His Spirit. Don’t just assume that you are right. Allow Him to teach you, as you seek a more intimate relationship with Him.

Welcome His correction and warning. And determine to live according to His Word! Submit every thought, action, and belief to Him. Give Him permission to point you in new directions, to correct you where you may be wrong, to give you His timeless, perfect wisdom.

Remember: He is sovereign! The Creator! God Almighty!