Strong and Courageous

Strong and Courageous

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

What did Joshua need to lead his people? Twice in these verses, God told him to “be strong and courageous.” Then, the Israelites repeated this same charge. They were willing to follow him under the condition that he would “be strong and courageous” (v. 18).

Neither God nor the people were talking about physical strength. The original Hebrew here describes an internal resolve, firmness of character, and a commitment to do what is right and obey God, regardless of pressures or temptations.

Many men and women fail to have this kind of resolve, this determination, or this willingness to trust God and move forward. They may be afraid, filled with doubt, or dominated by the opinions of others. As a result, they fail to experience the victory God prepared for them.

To experience victory, we need faith. We need the courage to believe God and trust Him. We need spiritual discernment and strength. Remember that we are in a battle and can be defeated if we allow others (or our enemy) to influence our minds and hearts.

Don’t allow your mind to be dominated by negative thoughts or your heart to be filled with turmoil and doubt. Don’t allow circumstances to make you discouraged or afraid.

Ask God to give you boldness to believe. Be ready to move forward by faith. Fill your mind with His Word and put it into practice. Trust Him in every situation.