Strong and Compassionate

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

What did it take to bring the Gospel to what we know as the “wild west” of America? This, required men with an extraordinary commitment and a complete dedication to serve God, regardless of the cost.

They had to have tender hearts, full of compassion, but also had to be tough. One eyewitnesses described how many of these men faced chaos, and had to find ways to bring order. They had to be able to pitch in and help the people they visited.

Many had to endure starvation and exposure to hostile weather conditions. They had to traverse mountains and wade through swamps. They had to endure droughts and face dangerous animals. But their impact could be life-changing. As this eyewitness recalled, “How was my heart set afire by their contagious religious enthusiasm.”

They experienced the loneliness of frontier life. Farms and homes were often separated by miles and there were few churches or meeting houses. Yet these brave men went wherever there was a need. Going from town to town. House to house. Preaching the Gospel.

Many circuits were so large that it would take many weeks to visit all the families in their care. Seeking neither fame nor money, these men soon recruited a massive army of believers. While they faced a lonely existence, so did their families, who never knew when or even if they would return.

Fiercely independent, rugged, and filled with conviction, these men had to be strong and tough. Standing up to hostile opposition. Risking danger. Embracing a lifestyle with few comforts.

We are reminded of Paul’s message to young Timothy. That God calls His servants to be committed and faithful. To focus on fulfilling their ministry regardless of the conditions.

This is the kind of commitment to which God call us, even today.