Strange Stories

Strange Stories

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Herod was intrigued by Jesus, but also confused. He had heard “such strange stories” about Him (TLB). In a certain way, Herod understood the ministry of John the Baptist. But the things Jesus did and the words He spoke didn’t make sense to Herod. He wanted to know more.

Others, too, weren’t sure. Some thought Jesus must have been John risen from the dead, or the resurrection of Elijah, or some other prophet. Herod just knew multitudes followed Him. And he heard about miracles He performed and those “strange stories.”

Herod must have been perplexed trying to understand Jesus’ goals. Although a religious figure, He wasn’t supported by the religious establishment. Although attracting many followers, He didn’t seem interested in starting a mass movement or having political ambitions. None of it made sense.

Hoping to get answers, Herod “kept trying to see Him.” Finally, he got his wish just before Jesus was crucified. But he wasn’t satisfied. Jesus refused to perform miracles or answer questions. Herod was disappointed and infuriated.

Clearly, Herod never really understood Jesus. The stories about Jesus must have continued to sound “strange.” And they probably are strange for many people today who try to fit Jesus into their worldview and can’t figure Him out.

What about you? Are His miracles just strange stories? Are you trying to figure out His teachings? Have you committed your life to Him? Is He your Lord?