Stepping Out in Faith

Stepping Out in Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Standing on the banks of the Jordan River, the Israelites realized that crossing the river seemed impossible. The water was too deep and flowing too strongly. How were they to get across? The answer, Joshua declared, was to obey God, trust Him, and believe for a miracle.

Joshua gave them God’s promise – a path would emerge the moment the priests carrying the ark touched the water. When they obeyed Him, they found that His Word was true. The priests stood on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan until everyone crossed. This required faith – simply believing God.

Facing life’s challenges, we all have opportunities to exercise this kind of faith every day. We need faith to believe that God can supply our needs and provide every resource, to go through doors that seem closed, to believe that our prayers are being answered, to believe that God can defeat our enemies, and to overcome problems.

But we can’t just think about faith. We need to act on our beliefs, to prove our faith by our actions. We need to realize that “without faith it is impossible to please Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

Today, ask God to help you live by faith. Trust Him in every situation. Stand on His Word even if this means doing things that may be new and challenging. Don’t doubt. The Bible promises that you can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13)!