Stealing God’s Glory

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It didn’t take long for Paul to be attacked after he arrived in Philippi, bringing the Gospel to Europe for the first time. Soon after his arrival, a woman named Lydia became the first convert. Everything seemed hopeful. But then Paul and his companions were met by a demon-possessed girl who “kept crying out.” She was on a mission from the enemy to create confusion and steal God’s glory.

The girl’s cries implied there was some link between her and Paul’s message of salvation, between Satan’s demonic kingdom and the Kingdom of God.

Finally, after listening to this girl for many days, Paul had enough, and he commanded the evil spirit to leave her. He knew the origin of the girl’s problem wasn’t with her, but with the spirit that possessed her. The root was not a psychological problem but rather a spiritual battle that had to be fought in the power of the Holy Spirit. Paul exercised the authority Believers have been given to defeat the enemy…and stop the lies.

Satan still prowls around the world. Using lies, he seeks to fool us into believing his ways will lead to success and pleasure, riches and glory. Just as he did with Paul, the devil often follows after Believers, seeking to spread deception and take credit for what belongs to God. He seeks to confuse us about the truth.

Today, be on the alert and ready! You will be attacked! Make sure you know God’s Word. Remember that you have authority in Jesus’ name over every demonic power. Be bold. Don’t be silent about the truth. Fight in the Spirit.