Standing up for Truth

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Daniel Bissell had a proven record of loyalty. Clearly dedicated to American independence, he had fought bravely to achieve that objective, until he was asked to do something extraordinary: To become a deserter, and openly embrace the Loyalist cause. It was a strategy devised by General George Washington in order to learn sensitive information critical to the war effort.

Bissell would be all alone in this one-man operation, the truth known only to Washington and few others. To provide a believable cover story, his classification was changed to “deserter.” He even was branded as a traitor by his family, friends, and fellow soldiers. The first time Bissell could report his findings to Washington was 13 months after his “desertion.”

We might imagine that Bissell would be vindicated after the war’s conclusion. But, in fact, he was considered a deserter by his hometown for over 180 years. Eventually the truth emerged. He was honored with a special commendation and recognized by the United States Army Intelligence Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.

Bissell was willing to lay everything aside to complete his assignment, even enduring the rejection of friends and family. Many others have been more like Peter, who thought that he was loyal to Jesus, but who actually would deny him.

In our own ways, each of us faces challenges like this. Situations in which we are asked to prove our priorities and loyalties. How far will we go to demonstrate our commitment to the Gospel? Are we willing to stand up for our faith, or compromise? Are we willing to endure criticism? Are we willing to serve Jesus, no matter what others might say? No matter what it might cost?