Standing Up

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How does Satan oppose us? How can we be tempted? Deceived?

David experienced a particularly subtle kind of deception, with deadly consequences. He learned that God was displeased, that he had “sinned greatly,” committed “iniquity,” and acted “very foolishly.”

What did Satan do that caused David to displease God? He “stood up against Israel.” The scene is highly descriptive.

We can picture Israel on the move: Serving God. Following His leading. Going in a specific direction. Only to have their way blocked by Satan’s presence.

How did he block their way? How did he stand up against them? He “moved David to number Israel.” We might assume that Satan opposes them in ways that were aggressive and bold. But the Hebrew words here tell us that Satan seduced David with soothing, pleasant thoughts.

The specific action that resulted was conducting a census. Why was this so harmful? Why was God so displeased? We need to remember that this caused David (and all Israel) to trust in themselves. To turn their attention away from God and toward the size of their army.

Satan can work in similar ways in our lives. He can be deceptive, even disguising himself as an “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). He can plant ideas in our minds that can seem logical, helpful, and even Godly. Then, we might wonder why we are not making progress toward our God-given goals. Why we aren’t experiencing victory.

How do we keep from being deceived? How do we stay on course? By focusing on God. Being guided by His Word.

Sure about His goals. Constantly seeking His direction. Constantly submitting our plans and thoughts to Him.

Constantly sensitive to His Spirit. Regardless of any other influence, staying focused on Him. Committed to serve Him. Always trusting Him. Alert to Satan’s deceptions.