Standing in the Gap

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The people of Israel had sinned, and they deserved judgment. God desired to forgive them, yet judgment still came. Why?

First, the Lord could find no one who would “build up the wall.” Facing a massive threat from Babylon, they all understood the need for a wall. But this meant that someone needed to take action. And they needed a plan and resources.

However, no one stepped forward or accepted the responsibility. Perhaps no one felt qualified or worried about not having adequate resources. Or they may have felt that the task was too great. It seemed that no one had faith that God would bless them. No one was confident He would reward those who had willing hearts, ready to obey Him and trust Him for the outcome.

Second, no one would “stand in the gap.” In military terms, a gap represents a space where there is a weakness. It is an opening for the enemy.

So what does it mean for you to “stand in the gap”? Spiritually, this could mean being a prayer warrior, interceding for your family, for people in need, or for your country. It could mean battling with the devil and his demons. It could mean tackling a challenging assignment or sacrificially Sowing financial Seeds into God’s Kingdom. It could mean taking a bold stand for the Gospel. It could mean praying for the sick or being a faithful servant in your church or community.

Are you ready to stand in the gap and build the wall? Remember: God has a calling on your life. And He has given you resources and opportunities to serve Him. Will you be His witness? Will you follow His call? Will you step out in faith? Get started today!