Spiritually Lazy

Spiritually Lazy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Laziness is a common problem in the workplace, school, homes, relationships, our and physical conditions. If we are lazy, we can lack effort and don’t care about the results or not do our best.

The Bible tells us that laziness also is a spiritual problem. We become lazy when we take our faith for granted, pray in halfhearted ways, stop reading the Bible, or stop spending time with God.

The Bible encourages us to combat laziness by being spiritually proactive. We need to make the things of God a priority. They are not an obligation but a joy. Be eager to read His Word and obey Him. Love our prayer times. Fellowship with other believers.

Instead of being reluctant, we should be diligent and expectant. We should not give up when we experience delays and setbacks. We should not give in to doubt when we encounter obstacles.

The Bible also encourages us to look for people with victorious Christian lives and then imitate them. We find examples in the Bible. We can find inspiring characters in history or be inspired by real people – perhaps a grandparent, parent, teacher, or friend.

If you battle with spiritual laziness, seek to renew your relationship with God. Remember all the Bible’s promises and think about the glorious plans that He has for you. Be eager to spend time with Him. Love reading His Word and be active in sharing your testimony.