Spiritual Warfare

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born on this day in 1336, in what today is Uzbekistan, Temur (or Timur) came from humble origins. Suffering a crippling injury in his youth, he became known as Temur the Lame, or “Tamerlane.” He began his rise to prominence as leader of a small band of nomads. About 1370, he proclaimed himself the sovereign of the region, with a goal of restoring the Mongol empire.

Temur conquered by terror, his armies moving with lightning speed, demanding his foes to submit or face annihilation. Gradually his power base expanded. From his base in Samarkand, to the east, he conquered Persia, invaded India, and menaced China. To the west, he fought the Turks and then threatened Europe. Initially, even though his kingdom had grown through ruthless conquests, few Europeans had heard of him or taken him seriously.

As they began to realize the danger Temur posed, many woke up, fearing that they were too late and his victory was inevitable. But Temur became distracted to the east and died in 1405 before he could launch a serious assault. Europe was spared. Yet Temur remains a hero to many Muslims as a man who was defiant and determined, who demanded absolute submission and tolerated no compromise.

Today, we face a real spiritual enemy who is even more defiant, crafty and deceitful, powerful and determined to destroy. Make sure that you take him seriously. Resist him by the power of the Holy Spirit. Be strong in the Lord. Put on the full armor of God.