Spending Time with God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Others could tell that the man we know as “Brother Lawrence” had a special sense of inner peace and joy. Others may have approached Christianity as just a religion, but Lawrence had a very real, dynamic relationship with God Himself. He really believed that the promises of the Bible were true.

When asked about his secret, he said that the key was spending time with God, and focusing on Him. He explained his resolve “to give myself up to God.” Because of the love God had shown him, he decided to “renounce all besides,” and spent years learning to focus on His presence.

He knew God always was with him yet still needed to learn how to concentrate on Him. Gradually he developed new habits, and found that he began to “walk before God simply, in faith, with humility and with love.” He applied himself “diligently to do nothing and think nothing which might displease Him.”

Lawrence encouraged others to pursue this kind of relationship and “practice the presence” of God. He knew that God truly could transform lives and establish a personal relationship with each believer.

God presents the same possibilities today. Sadly, many refuse to believe the promises in His Word, and are content to stay preoccupied by the superficial things of the world.

Yet, as Lawrence demonstrated, the principles in the Bible really are true. God always is with us. As we spend time with Him, He can speak to us, teach us new things, and change our lives.

Right now, remember that God is with you. Spend time with Him. Focus on Him. Let Him change you! Don’t miss out on these blessings.