Your Special Calling

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Shortly after sunrise on this day in 1512, Pope Julius II and 17 cardinals entered the Sistine Chapel in Rome. While there to observe vespers, without realizing it, they were part of the public unveiling of a masterpiece.

An artist we know as Michelangelo had been laboring on this ceiling for more than four years. As their gaze turned toward the ceiling, Julius and his colleagues instantly recognized that they were seeing something special. It was an overwhelming experience, one in which millions of others have shared since that day in 1512.

Many people were surprised when Michelangelo was selected for the prestigious assignment of painting this ceiling. Known primarily as a sculptor, he rarely had touched a paintbrush since his days as a student. Yet Julius felt that Michelangelo was the right man.

There were many moments when Michelangelo doubted his ability for the task. In January 1509, he wrote his father, “My work does not seem to go ahead in a way to merit anything. This is due to the difficulty of the work and also because it is not my profession. In consequence, I lose my time fruitlessly.” But he persisted, and the result was a work that set new standards and has stood the test of time.

Today, remember that God has an assignment for you. It is a work for which you are uniquely prepared. And he has given you unique gifts and talents to accomplish His purposes. Do not give in, but have faith in God. When you have moments of doubt, ask Him for the wisdom, strength, and resources you need. Trust Him, and stay confident that He will direct your path.