Sovereign Work of the Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

These were a group of committed Believers. The men and women of the Bible College of Wales. Up to that time, most had thought they were spiritually mature. Then, in December 1936, everything changed.

It began after a new dedication to prayer. A staff member described how “there was an increasing consciousness of God’s presence.” Another staff member “broke down” while praying. Students reported that the conviction of the Holy Spirit had been so strong that “they wept before Him for hours.”

Soon, “an awesome sense of God’s nearness began to steal over the whole College.” Nothing else mattered. Gradually, they became more conscious of the Spirit’s presence. Previously, they thought that they knew the Spirit, but “now the revelation of His Person was so tremendous that all our previous experiences seemed as nothing.”

They felt His conviction as never before. His love. His power. They were transformed by His presence. They realized that He was not just Someone from the Bible, but a real Person, who really wanted to change them. To use them.

The result was a transformed Body of Believers. Filled with praise. No longer content with religion or the things of this world. Through the Spirit, they were bonded together in unity. Committed to the Gospel. Prayer warriors. Fearless disciples.

Today, the world is filled with skeptics, who think of Christianity as just a religion. At the same time, many Christians are dominated by tradition or theology. Their lives have never really been transformed. But God calls us to a new dimension. A deeper relationship.

Like those students in Wales, it can start with a new dedication to prayer. When we get serious about seeking Him and are more sensitive to His Spirit. When He knows that we are ready to be changed. Ready to be used.