Sounding a Warning

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

All around there was trouble. Economic devastation. Food shortages. Declining moral standards. And they faced an invasion of forces bent on conquest and destruction. God offered answers if His people would but turn to Him. But they were preoccupied with personal pleasures, and did not seek His face.

God called Joel to get their attention. To warn them that this was a time to “wake up” and cry out to Him. To fast, humble themselves, repent, and pray. God did not want any to suffer, but problems would continue unless they made changes. They could not go on living as they had in the past. They would face God and give an account for everything that they had done.

The trumpet was blown in Zion, the place of God’s house. He was there in His holiness, where there could be no impurities. This also is a call to His people, for Zion is the place where they came to worship Him. Although directed at His people, the warning that extended to everyone, for “all the inhabitants of the land.”

Today, many ignore the signs of the times, assuming they don’t need to worry about God. But He has not changed. Each of us will face Him and give an account of our lives. Thank God that there’s no condemnation for those who have received His forgiveness in Christ (Romans 8:1).

God is speaking to you today. Make sure you are listening and that your priorities are right. Examine your heart. Be serious about your life and the times in which you are living. Humble yourself before God. Repent of any sins. Commit your life anew to Him.

Cry out to the Lord for yourself… your family… your nation… and for those who need salvation. Make sure you are ready.